HELLOOOOOO Trimester 3!

  • As we continue to learn more about chemistry we are also starting our end of the year final project. (Better than a written final I assure you!)
  • ALL documents and the Power Point template can be found in the DOCUMENTS TAB of this website.
  • All files start with EDP for ease of locating.
  • Parents will be e-mailed the information as well.
  • Please keep up with due dates and work a little each week in order to be successful. 


Trimester end Friday-March 10th...Please make sure your grades are accurate. All missing assignments submitted prior to break will be inputted this week (Feb27-March3). I am no longer accepting late labs and assignments due prior to break. You have been given multiple opportunities and time has expired. =(  


Updated Table of Content is located 

under the Documents tab----Labeled TABLE OF CONTENT


The end of the 2nd Trimester is coming to a close! Any missing POM 1-4 work can be made up by Thursday-Feb. 9th. Test next week! Thursday-Feb 16th!!


HAPPY 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Roller Coaster Project!

Please check Skyward & the Documents tab for the packet. If packet is lost, YOU are responsible to print out a new one. 

Materials: Cardboard tubing, cardboard, aluminum cans and duct tape.



Trimester 1 is closing Wednesday-December 7th. Any questions concerning grades that are not addressed by Tuesday-December 6th can no longer be changed!!!  




Every year, since I was in 5th grade, my mother likes to make chocolate. Since I became a teacher, she continued to do so for my students. As she is getting older, she started to use the Candy Melts from Michaels. This is the list of ingredients: Sugar, Partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, whole milk solids, cocoa powder, mineral whey, soy lecithin, salt and artificial flavor.  She has made 160 individually sealed chocolates for each student. (2-3 pieces per kiddo!) If students have allergies to ingredients, I will not be offering the chocolate to them. The ingredients will be posted in the room so students can see what is in the chocolate.

Thank you and Happy Trick or Treating!



Hello and Welcome!

One of my greatest joys as an educator is watching students faces light up when they "get it"! 

I want to provide an environment where students aren't afraid to express their ideas.



Pengy and I at Castle Rock, Oregon. 

All content will be on the calendar, including links, notes, etc. All in ONE spot! E-mail me with questions spadafinoc@issaquah.wednet.edu

Also check DOCUMENTS for Course Syllabus, Reference Pages for Notebook and handouts to print.