8th grade Health Homework and Info

All Late/Missing work is due June 9th.  Please clean out binders to look for these assignments, Partial work is worth points! Better than 0  points!

Anti Use Slogan Due Friday May 26

Drug Test- either Fri May 26 or 30/31st.

CPR Quiz


 nutrition Quiz Tuesday May 9th.  Body composition, eating disorders, Labels

Study for Mental Health quiz on Wednesday April 5th.

Ms. Austin, our IMS counselor will be guest teaching .  She will be talking about dating and relationships.  7th period on 4/4 and 6th period on 4/6


Pre district assessment was taken on March 14, the same assessment will be adminstered at the end of the trimester, possibly for grade in the gradebook.

Our first Unit, Mental Health, March 20-30ish

Tuesday watched a movie about stress

Time tracker  (time mangement) Homework assigned, DUE Monday 3/27, parent signature needed.