Check out these websites to help with your at home practice :)

Nothing ever comes to someone that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.
  ~ Booker T. Washington

Recordings of Concert Music

This is where music teachers order their music. If you search correctly you should be able to find recordings of our current music.


Keeping Time


Tuning Websites

These websites will play the correct pitch for your open strings. It is up to you to adjust your instrument to match.

Students are encouraged to purchase a Tuner with a clip on Microphone from a local music store.

Violin Tuning Notes

Viola Tuning Notes

Cello Tuning Notes

Bass Tuning Notes


Interactive Practice Studio

This is a great music practicing program, that goes with the String Basics books we use in Class.


Other Websites to Check Out

Private Lessons

Private lessons are extremely helpful and give the students much needed one on one instruction and development.

These are some of the options out there in our area.

Susan Speicher

Haley Schaening:


Playing Tips 


Local Youth Symphony Orchestras


Instrument Specific Websites


Music Stores