Health Info

Do You Have a Student Entering 6th Grade
In the Fall?

All 6th grade students must have a Tdap vaccine and the date recorded before the first day of school.  The student must be 11 years old to have this vaccine.  Please obtain this vaccine once your student turns 11 and report it to us at IMS as soon as this vaccine has been received in order to ease the transition to middle school. 

* If your student is not 11 before the first day of school please contact your school nurse* 


If your student receives any immunizations please email the information to

 Washington State allows exemption from this vaccine for medical, personal or religious reasons which are obtained and signed by your provider.            



2018-2019 English (PDF)  Español (PDF)  Chinese (PDF)  Korean (PDF)  Russian (PDF)  Somali (PDF)  Tagalog (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF) Immunizations can be obtained by your provider, pharmacies and many grocery stores.


Community Health locations available for immunizations by appointment only and sliding scale

Health Point Redmond 425-822-1697  @  163 NE 87th St. Suite B6 Redmond, WA 98052

Health Point Renton 425-226-5536  @ 200 S. 2nd St. (next to Renton HS) Renton, WA 98055

Life Threatening Health conditions:  All health plans due prior to August 15th, 2018


Students with Life Threatening Health Conditions must have their care plans, medications and authorization for medication forms turned in before August 15th in order to start school on time.  Please make plans to get doctor’s appointments early and get paperwork returned to school early in the summer to ensure your paper work is processed. 72 hour emergency disaster medications and disaster plan medication authorization forms are also required for students who require daily medications that cannot be stopped abruptly in the event of an earthquake.

Life Threatening Health conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Cardiac Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Life Threatening Allergies requiring an Epipen or Avi-Q
  • Seizures

Forms will be sent home in June for your review and signature.  Please also obtain authorization from your healthcare provider, medications and supplies and return completed forms to school this summer prior to August 21st.  If your student is new to the district and has a Life Threatening Health Condition please contact the school nurse before the end of school for fall regarding forms, healthcare provider orders and care plans.  A certificate of immunization is required for all new students to the district.  See ISD forms below.

Allergy Action Plans, Medication Authorization and Disaster Medication Authorization forms can also be found on the ISD forms 


All medications must also have a medications authorization form signed by a licensed healthcare provider and the parent/guardian.  Medications must be brought to the school by the parent in the original container, labeled for the student for all over the counter and prescribed medications.   Please ask for extra labels from the pharmacy for inhalers and Epipens.   The label must include:

  1. the student's name
  2. name of medication
  3. daily dosage
  4. mode of administration
  5. name of the licensed health care provider