FAQs: Johnsen Advanced Language Arts & Social Studies

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you do when ….                  


1. You are absent?

Check this website; call a friend; ask Mrs. J. the next day (but NOT right at the start of class when she is taking attendance and getting class started! Instead, check the Absent Binder up front for any handouts needed, ask your neighbor, then ask me).


2. Your printer does not work?

    Your USB stick is lost?

- Email your assignment to me, (if you can) yourself, & your parents as a back-up; arrive to school early & use the library printer ($.10 per copy); save your assignment to your school directory as a back-up.

Put a copy on USB stick.

3. Your power goes out?

-Hand write your assignment for credit; if typing is required – have your parents write a note (no penalty).


4. You do not understand the material?

- Review the assignment before leaving class & ask clarifying questions.
- Email or call a friend in the class. Email me and ask a question.

5.  When should you print your homework?          

Before walking into the classroom - When you arrive at the class you should have a  printed copy IN YOUR BINDER ready to submit. For printing strategies, see above.


6.  When should you start studying for a test? How?

If you sense there is a lot of information that is new & detailed, I would recommend reviewing it a small amount each day.

Major tests will be announced in advance and will have a study guide.


7.  What should you do to help keep track of homework?


Keep your school planner updated.

Homework is written on the whiteboard before class starts. You may use this as a resource as well. Check the website.

8.  How often should you bring your novel to class?


Every single day. reading minutes.png

9.  Where should you be when class starts?

In the classroom, your seat in and ready to work. You don't want to be marked tardy.

10.  Where can you find extra copies of assignments?


The notebook marked “Absent Binder” in Mrs. J’s room (or sometimes the documents page of this website.) If the file is empty – ask Mrs. J. Do NOT take the last copy--- alert Mrs. Johnsen that it is the last one.