What We Do

What We Do...

Individual Student Planning 

  • Help students with their academic, career and personal/social development
  • Registration and Scheduling
  • 504 Caseload Mangagers
  • Guidance Team Meeting Member/Facilitator

Responsive Services

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Small Group Intervention and Counseling
  • Student Mediations
  • Referrals to School and/or Community Resources (VOICE, Angel Program...)

School Guidance Curriculum

  • Classroom Instruction
    •  Empowerment, Bullying/Harassment, Healthy Boundaries, Careers
  • Small Groups
    • Building Friendships, G.I.R.L.S. (Girls in Real Life Situations), Owning up (Be a leader in confronting social cruelty), Changing Families, Loss and Grief, Lifeskills, and Organizational Bootcamp

System Support

  • Parent Newsletter
  • Coordination of Community Resources
  • Consult with parents or guardians, teachers and staff members to provide information, to support the school community and to receive feedback on the emerging needs of students.
  • Program Development
  • Professional Development

The attached list of individual(s)/agencies and websites is being provided as an informational item for your convenience. The Issaquah School District does not recommend or endorse any of these individual(s)/agencies provided on the attached and will not be held liable or responsible for any services provided by them. As such, the Issaquah School District highly recommends that you conduct your own research and investigation and exercise due diligence before selecting any of these individual(s)/agencies for services.