13 Reasons Why

We wanted to share some information regarding a new Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why. The show is based upon a book by the same name that came out in 2007. The show and the book deal with mature themes, including sexual assault and suicide, that are vividly portrayed in the TV version.

It has come to our attention that some of our students have been watching and discussing the show with one another. The themes in this show are sensitive, graphic and should be watched by a mature audience. If your student is watching this show, we encourage you to watch with them and to process together what they are seeing and hearing.

It is important that young people have an outlet for talking about the things that are on their minds, whether big or small. A few general tips for fostering meaningful conversations with your student:

Try not to pepper your child with questions the minute they walk in the door. Instead…
Offer a warm welcome home, a snack and some space
Some kids are more talkative when something else is going on – riding in the car, preparing dinner, walking the dog, etc.
Whenever possible, let your child begin the conversation
If you need to prompt the conversation, try asking a simple, but specific question (instead of something broad like “how was your day”)
Share something about your day
When they do start talking, LET THEM TALK - Don’t interrupt, criticize or lecture
Give your full attention
Show them that they are your prior                                                                                                                                                                                                    If your child brings up a problem, resist the urge to dictate a solution. Instead listen, then ask how you can help.

Attached is a great resource with some additional talking points about the show.  Please take a look!


13 Reasons Why - Talking Points.pdf