Multiple Sites per User and Users per Site

A single user can author multiple sites and a single site can have multiple authors. If a teacher wants to have one site for their club and one for their classroom, they just have to log in once to update both.

Password Protection

Place simple password protection of a document on your page, a page itself, or your entire site. If you want a specific page to just be accessible by parents, password protect it and then distribute that password to your parents.

Safe Deleting

Don't worry about accidentally deleting your page or even your entire site. If you accidentally delete a page, you have thirty days to restore the page from the Page Trash. If you accidentally delete your site, your SWIFT account administrator can quickly restore it.

Simple Page Management

Pages can be added, deleted, rearranged, and published/unpublished right from the sidebar of SWIFT's management console. Users can add multiple pages of a specific page type.

Table Filtering and Item Pinning

Documents, links, quizzes, and discussion thread topics are all listed in a filterable table. You can pin items to the top of the table for quick access.

Unpublish Sites and Pages

If site authors want to unpublish their site or just a page on their site while they update content, they can do so with the Publish or Unpublish button while editing the site or page.

Visitor Tracking

Track how many visitors and pageviews your SWIFT site receives, right from within SWIFT's management console.

Documentation and Training

Access from within SWIFT to get a custom manual generated for your district. Screencasts are provided to assist with initial training on SWIFT.

Types of Pages


Feed content to your visitors through a blog! Blogs are great for capturing homework assignments and classroom topics throughout the year.

Contact Form

Allow your visitors to send you messages with attachments, right from your SWIFT site. Site authors can customize the email that this form sends mail to as well as the subject of the email.


Add assignment due dates, fieldtrips, and other important dates into a calendar. Color-code your events by assigning them categories.

File Collection

Post documents for your students to access at any time. Files can be organized into categories so that your students can find them quickly and efficiently.

Google Calendar

Display your Google Calendar on your SWIFT site. Changes you make in your Google Calendar will be instantly displayed in SWIFT!

Link Collection

Set up lists of links to helpful resources on the Internet.

Photo Albums

Highlight cool classroom projects or post photos relevant to your curriculum in easy to browse photo galleries.


Create practice quizzes that your students can take to prepare for the next big test. You can also have it email you the results when they take the quiz.

Static Content

Static content pages are the basic page type in SWIFT. Use these pages to put content up that can be viewed right from your site.

Static Menu Link

Link to another site or page on the web, right from your site's side menu. Links can be either opened in the same window or a new window.



Package individual sites, entire school groups, or your entire SWIFT domain into
files that can be uploaded and restored at any time.

Batch User Creation/Updating

Update and create SWIFT users by uploading a CSV file. All user fields can be updated. Simply upload the CSV, match the columns, and then work through the batch create/update process.

Custom Templating

Allow us to create custom templates for you or use our quick and easy template creation wizard. You have full control of the entire layout and design of your SWIFT sites.

Integrated Administration

One management console for both managing your own SWIFT site and administrating your users and their sites.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Connect SWIFT to your district's LDAP/AD server so that user's authenticate with that instead of a password stored in SWIFT. After you map the LDAP/AD username to a user in SWIFT, all password management will move over to your server.

Safe Site Moving

Safely move and rename sites without breaking links and images.

Site Copying

Copy all the content of one site into another without affecting the original site.

Proxy Log In

Administrators can log in as their users to remotely assist with issues without knowing the user's password.