Common Questions

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about SWIFT.


  1. What browsers are supported in the SWIFT?
    All major browsers are supported. This includes Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 4+, Chrome 9+, and Safari 5+. Some minor features are not available in Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

  2. Are tablets and other mobile devices supported?
    While not officially supported, most features that are available in the SWIFT's management interface are usable on popular tablets. Screen size may be a factor. Dragging features (reordering pages and photos) are not available.

  3. Will Microsoft Exchange Calendar integration be coming?
    We are investigating integration options for Microsoft Exchange calendars. New versions of Exchange with Web Calendar Publishing options enabled may be supported at a future date.


  1. How is disk space allocated in SWIFT?
    Accounts in SWIFT are given a set amount of disk space that their administrators can allocate to different sites. Administrators can set a default disk quota (such as 50 MB) for each site and then give power users more.

  2. What training modules are available?
    Training materials, including several screencasts, are available from help.swiftclassroom.coma>. If you click on the Help link from within SWIFT, you will be presented with documentation tailored for your district.

  3. How do I go about setting up Active Directory integration?
    Contact your SWIFT support representative to begin this process. First you will have to set up an SSL certificate for your SWIFT domain. Once that is completed and SWIFT can connect to your AD/LDAP server, you can begin mapping SWIFT users to their AD accounts. Once they are mapped, they can start using their Active Directory username and password to log into SWIFT.