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Posting Media to SWIFT
Posted by Jacob Morrison on January 14, 2013 at 3:14pm

We hear you: more and more teachers are discovering the power of integrating audio and video into their curriculum. Many want to post these clips to SWIFT, but unfortunately SWIFT isn't built for handling this kind of content. Fortunately, many other services are out there that are built to handle video and audio streaming. Once uploaded to these services, players can be embedded directly into SWIFT pages.


For audio, two great services are SoundCloud (*free lite version) and Mixcloud (*super free/unlimited).




While YouTube is great for posting videos of your sleepwalking dog (poor dog), the ads, comments, and "suggested videos" make it less than ideal for a teacher to use. Vimeo, TeacherTube, and SchoolTube are alternatives to YouTube that provide a safer environment to post classroom videos. All three have similar players to YouTube and they all have a "free plan" that should be able to meet the needs of you average teacher.


Notice how I try to integrate the "yaaay" audio clip into everything I create. Thanks, GarageBand.

SWIFT Overview from SWIFT Classroom on Vimeo.



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