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Advice from Students - Research Report
Posted by Autumn Ottenad on April 17, 2017 at 10:50am

  • Research your topic well with reliable sources because you need to be knowledgeable on your topic. - Ethan VanGosen
  • Manage time, don't procrastinate, plan ahead, advocate for yourself. - Katie Stanos
  • Make sure to keep track of all your sources, that way it will be easy to reference them and you can justify your information. - Victor Marcenae
  • Make sure you are interested in your topic and wouldn't mind additional research. - Noreen Alam 
  • Be sure to read over your conclusion.  The subtopic notetakers are helpful with writing the paper. - Risa Wagner
  • Don't procrastinate start your report. - Gavin Browne
  • Make sure you get recent and accurate data from reliable sources, make sure you give credit! - Lizzy Jang
  • Stay organized - Eden C
  • Make sure you care abotu your topic, but make sure you don't seem opinionated.  Do the subtopic notetakers they will help. Ask others for help, they can catch things you might not. - Eva A.
  • Make sure to always go back and review your research.  Make sure that you enjoy it because then you'll be able to write better and be more in depth with your project - Bez Achebe
  • Don't procrastinate and use a lot of evidence to take up space on the paper.  Also use fancy words to make yourself sound smarter. - Tommy Brown 
  • When writing your research report make sure you archive and organize your information and data to make it easier to write your report.- Ruth Schmidt
  • Use the subtopics and have someone else edit - Aiden Lee
  • Subtopic notetakers are actually helpful when revising and editing the final draft.  Reading the final draft aloud also helps.  It allows you to better know if what you wrote actually makes sense. - Mason Bice
  • I would tell others to fill out the subtopic notetakers because they help in the long run. - Thalia Jurgens. 


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