Daily Activities for the week!


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6th Grade Health/Fitness for this week

Monday – 1 Dec Fitness  Basketball, volleyball and soccer choices

Tuesday – 2 Dec    Health  Nutrition Basics (computer lab)I understand that what I eat effects what my looks like and what I can do.  GLE 1.5

Wednesday – 3 Dec  Fitness   Crab soccer!

Thursday – 4 Dec    Health    Super-Size Me: I will explain the health risks of regularly eating "fast food". GLE 1.5

Friday – 5 Dec    Fitness  Cardio Jog? Fun Fitness Friday?

 7th Grade Health/Fitness for the week!
 No 7th grade classes this semester.

8th Grade Health/Fitness for this week!


Monday – 1 Dec  Health  My Friend Morgan: I will describe risky situations and identify sources to help in home, school, and community.  GLE 2.4.1

Tuesday – 2 Dec   Fitness  CRAB SOCCER for all then choices :)

Wednesday – 3 Dec  Fitness  

Thursday – 4 Dec     Health  The Things We Carry: I will analyze how family and cultural factors impact health, and will promote cultural competency in my community. GLE 3.1.1

Friday – 5 Dec    Fitness  Cardio Jog? Fun Fitness Friday?