Welcome Back to the 26th year of Multiage Education here in Granite Falls!!


Parent Volunteer Training-Tuesday Sept. 12th 3:15

Multiage Potluck in the Park -Wednesday Sept. 20th

5:00pm until 7:00pm

Please bring a food to share. Teachers will provide plates, napkins, and forks/spoons/knives

Bring your own beverage


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We have started our slug unit in science. The kids have chosen a slug and are now weighing, observing, measuring, and training their slugs for the big race on

Thursday, September 21st

Slug off starts at 10:30am







Multiage 25th Reunion T-shirts

designed by Peyton, Easton, Hannah, Trever, and Catcher





Upcoming Happenings...

May 24th Poetry Night 6 pm

Iverson Island field trip....June 8th

Field Day...June 13th

Last Day of School....June 20th



Success in Education Winners!!

Hannah and Daniel

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Our most  recent field trip to MoPop (formerly Experience Music Project)...Thank you Parent Group

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We had a very worthwhile field trip to the Gates Foundation in Seattle

January 26th

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Great field trip!!

We received a grant to provide transportation down to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center in Seattle. We will be heading down on Jan. 29th for a 90 minute tour and hands on activities. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center takes visitors of all ages on an interactive journey that brings to life the connections we share with others across the globe. The kids will discover innovations and inventions that are helping to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. They will be immersed in debates about education, health and poverty.




VFW Auxiliary essay contest winners announced today by Marcella Raymond!
4th grade: 1st place...Catcher
2nd place...James
3rd place....Isabelle

5th grade: 1st place...Makoto
2nd place....Nathan
3rd grade....Karissa

6th grade....1st place....Hannah
2nd place....Nathan Waugh
3rd place....Peyton
Each student received cash prizes. All three 1st place winners will go on to the regional competition!!! Congratulations!!


Annual Multiage Poetry Night May 24th 6-8pm

January 26th, Field trip to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle


Nice article in the Everett Herald:




Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year in Multiage


We have been looking at our human brains and how they work.





We collected over 80 pounds of Oreo cookies to send to soldiers serving abroad. We also made cards and wrote letters to send with the cookies. We have adopted four different Navy Seal teams to send supportive notes and items to. One team we have send a Christmas tree, and will be making ornaments to put on the tree. Here are pictures of some of the kids taking the boxes to the post office.

IMG_6456.jpg  IMG_6452.jpg IMG_6457.jpg


We have been doing  a lot of research already this school year. Each student chose a famous scientist to research, gather information, and create a poster to present to both classes. Pretty impressive work.

IMG_6386.jpg  IMG_6334.jpg IMG_6338.jpg


IMG_6337.jpg  IMG_6407.jpg  IMG_6423.jpg

In late September we held our annual Multiage Potluck in the Park sponsored by our Multiage Parents. This is always a much anticipated annual event. This year we had well over 200 people attending.

IMG_6366.jpg  IMG_6362.jpg  IMG_6383.jpgIMG_6360.jpg IMG_6366.jpg   IMG_6353.jpg  IMG_6359.jpg


Below is from our 2015-16 School Year


Success in Education Winners

Alanon Brown and Dylan Klepper




IMG_3640.jpg  IMG_3645.jpg   IMG_3644.jpg

Shakespeare in action! Thanks to our Parent Group we had the first of two workshops (for each multiage class) learning more about the expressive movement in Shakespeare's plays, the status structure, and tableau. The Seattle Shakespeare came in to do the workshops.

Day 2 of our Shakespeare Workshop

IMG_3681.jpg    IMG_3669.jpg

(Check our Multiage in Action Photo page for more photos! PLUS a short video clip under the FILES section Shakespeare video students)







  Three proud alumni of Multiage all receiving Success in Education for the past quarter. Pictured (Maddi Moorehouse (2x recipient) Keely Nash (4x recipient) and Cheyenne Wesala (1st time recipient).






Mariner Moose Assembly a huge success!

(Check our Multiage in Action Photo page for more photos!)

     IMG_3543.jpg      IMG_3580.jpg 



Mr. Tom Matlack, high school English teacher, came over to talk "Shakespeare" with us. A dynamic, entertaining, and enlightening presentation!

(Check our Multiage in Action Photo page for more photos!)

IMG_3602.jpg       IMG_3611.jpg   IMG_3603.jpg


 Pi Day 3.1416 Celebrated in Style during 6th grade level math 

(Check our Multiage in Action Photo page for more photos!)

    IMG_3520.jpg   IMG_3524.jpg  IMG_3522.jpg 







Welcome to the 23rd year of our highly successful 4-5-6 Multiage Program.

Our program is team taught by Mrs. Howell and Mr. Schireman, who are sister and brother.



Our Mission Statement:

We the 4th-5th and 6th grade multiage students at Monte Cristo Elementary will work as a team and individually to strive to be the very best we can be each day. We will work hard to become positive contributing members of our community. We will accomplish this by treating each other with the same respect we want others to treat us with. We will work hard to complete all projects and assignments with pride, on time, being creative and flexible.  Throughout this we will show grit and determination. Our long range focus is to become highly successful, lifelong learners, and our own best teacher.

Latest Updates.....

MCE Science Fair Show Cases Multiage Students

Bravo Girls!!

image2.JPG    image3.JPG   image1.JPG

                                                                        Hannah                           Rachel and Adriana                            Skyla

VFW second round for essays....drum roll please....our very own Hannah Brotherton won 2nd place out of the Edmonds, Everett, Lake Stevens, Arlington....etc area. Now, that is one incredible feat!! Bravo Hannah!! We are so proud of you!!


Parent Group Funding

Our incredible parent group responded to our proposal to fund our in class workshops from the Shakespeare Company from Seattle. This is exciting news at the cost of $400! Yes, they are fully funding these workshops. Again, many thanks to our parent group.


I am happy to announce that we just were informed that we are receiving the Target Field Trip Grant. This means $700 to use towards attending a Shakespeare play in Seattle May 17th. The funds will cover the cost of the bus and most of the entrance fees. We will be seeing Romeo and Juliet. Prior to going we have our Shakespeare unit which will lead up to the play and having some of the Shakespeare actors come and teach us some skills. For our annual Poetry Night we will be having a play/opera tied into our Shakespeare studies. Watch for more important info to follow.





I am very proud to tell you about a grant that I wrote for and have just received from the Pilchuck Audubon Society. I was granted a Classroom Conservation Award for $400 to use towards a field trip to Iverson Island Preserve on Camano Island!!! We have been here before when we worked with the Stillaguamish Tribe with our salmon studies. Watch for more information to come home late winter/early spring. Yee haw!!


VFW Veterans' Essay Contest winners announced today.

Ladies from the VFW 1561 Arlington Auxiliary came to announce winners!!




6th grade:

1st place: Janae Buck, 2nd place: Dylan Klepper and 3rd place: Ray Johnson

5th grade:

1st place: Peyton Rihtarich, 2nd place Camren Ahles, and 3rd place: Hannah Brotherton 

4th grade:

1st place: Easton Dinwiddie

Remember we were competing with kids from Marysville, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. Pretty darned impressive!!




Today we had a special tour of the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming via SKYPE. It was very interesting and really a fabulous learning experience! Check out our web site for more photos!








If you were not able to attend our multiage students' POWERFUL Veterans' Day Assembly....here are a few photos from that day.


Multiage, Mrs. Smith, and Veterans at the assembly

See more photos in the "Multiage In Action Photos" page on our web site 



The SnoIsle Library is offering some wonderful science related activities. Please check the dates above and try to make it there.



Thanks for another great Annual Multiage Potluck in the Park 2015!

Nearly 200 family members came to celebrate together!

IMG_2513.jpg    IMG_2364.jpgIMG_4977.jpg  IMG_3403_3.jpg




Curriculum Night

IMG_5141.JPGIMG_5135.JPG   IMG_5131.JPG

IMG_5138.JPG IMG_5136.JPG