Welcome to Ms. Bradt's Classes! 
Ms. Bradt teaches 7th grade History, 6th grade Ancient History and 7th/8th grade Sewing

Ms. Bradt’s Classroom Expanded Classroom Rules

1.  If you get breakfast at school, please consume your food in the cafeteria.

2.  Water bottles are ok.  Healthy, non liquid or non gooey snacks are ok.  Never bring soda or sugary drinks into the classroom.

3. The classroom is for learning, not disrupting.  If you disrupt others, or the teacher you will be asked to leave.  Passing notes or acting out quietly to get attention is also disrupting. Cell phones will be taken from you and given to the principal if you are using them when you should be working.   

4.  Come to class prepared and ready to learn.  Sharpen pencils prior to the beginning of class.  Having classroom school materials is required.  You must have a notebook, paper, and writing material on you daily.  Do not come to class and expect the teacher of others to supply your needs.  If there is a problem with obtaining supplies, please see Ms. Bradt.

5.  Respect everyone.  If you are having a problem, tell the teacher, or write her a note. 

6.  Do not leave your seat or wander during instruction.  This is disrespect for the teacher and the learning of others.  If you need to use the restroom, or sharpen your pencil, you will have to wait until the teacher is done with the lesson.  No wandering around the classroom during work time, or visiting, as that is also disrupting, and you will be given detention.

7.  Leave toys at home.  Toys will be kept by the teacher until your parents come to school and get them.

8.  Clean up your space prior to leaving the classroom.  Respect for your classroom is a good thing! 

9.  Get to class on time!  Too many tardies = detention.  Be responsible!!

10.  Throw nothing in the classroom.

12.  Refusing to work will not be tolerated.  Not working is refusing.   Respecting the learning of others and for yourself! 

13.  Never get into the teachers desk, or take anything off of the teacher’s desk without permission.  It is disrespectful, and could get you into a lot of trouble!



*  Warning, Time Out, or Lunch Detention.

*  Phone Call Home and Office Referral


Any Questions or concerns, please call me at :  360-691-7710
My email is:  mbradt@gfalls.wednet.edu

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